Oh! What A Lovely War Premiere

May 10, 1969 - Maureen and Ringo with Miranda Quarry and Peter Sellers at the Pavilion Theatre.

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This is new for me!

Hank Snow Concert
August 3, 1969 - Maureen and Ringo posing with Hank Snow backstage at the London Palladium after the country and western Opry tour performance which they attended with Mal and Lil Evans. Hank Snow and Ringo Starr exchanged autographs with each other. The Opry show starred Hank Snow, Willie Nelson and Johnny Darrell. Photograph by Bob Powell.

One of four photos by Bob Powell published in OPRY magazine 1969 Annual. (I made scans of the two photos with Maureen and posted them in the Maureen Starr Tribute at Yahoo! - or somewhere? - but they seem to have gone missing!) Attending the concert was said to be part of Maureen’s August 4th - 23rd birthday celebration.

I’ve never seen this before! It must have disappeared from the tribute group. Regardless…thanks for posting!

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Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve been so busy :( I’m back in town though and ready to continue posting!

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Maureen and Ringo Starr in Niece, France, 1969

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Brian Samuel Epstein was born on September 19, 1934 in Liverpool, England. He would be 80 today. Happy birthday, wherever he is <3

In the photo, with Ringo and Maureen Starkey after their wedding ceremony on February 11, 1965.

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Also, happy 49th birthday to Zak Starkey, who was born on September 13, 1965.

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Ringo started showing up more than he ever had before, and he often brought Maureen with him. They were always holding hands. Every time she picked up a cigarette, Ringo would suddenly appear next to her with his silver lighter. He’d look at her adoringly, she’d look at him lovingly, and when. she exhaled, she’d lower her eyes as if the moment was too intimate even for a man and woman who had been marked for four years. They were crazy about each other, no doubt about that, and although I sometimes felt envious, I also felt soothed and consoled. They took my mind off of Leon. Rather than reminding me of what I didn’t have, their casual intimacy assured me that it is possible to keep a love story going even after several years of marriage.
True love really is possible, I found myself thinking. The thought comforted me.
—"Miss O’Dell" by Chris O’Dell
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February 11 1965

Newlyweds Ringo and Maureen posing with best man Brian Epstein at his Belgravia home after the wedding

Photo by Robert Freeman.

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